Pink work in progress

This week I’ve been working on something that has been loitering in the studio for a while. In 2014, I made my Shannon dress. I later had the hem dip dyed because I wanted to stand out from the other ivory bridal wear on offer at wedding fairs. It was such a popular dress with its colourful petticoats but after numerous fairs the hem became trashed and ripped. As I hate waste and the silk was so lovely, I decided last year to cut up the skirt to re-use it for another bodice.

With this bodice I wanted to step away from my usual soft sweetheart neckline and make something a bit more sexy and low cut. I also decided to drop the waist, I think the curve of a woman’s waist as very feminine and a beautiful shape. I made the bodice but it had been on the back burner because of a busy bridal season last summer and then having a baby this year. I’d been thinking about what skirt to do for a while and in the spirit of re-using what I have, I decided to use my Sophia skirt, it has a feel of romantic tutu, quite Degas’s dancers.

Sophia from 2014 photoshoot. Photo by Sarah London Photography

However the Sophia skirt waist measurement was too small to fit my new bodice so I needed adjust the skirt to fit. The Sophia skirt is a circle skirt so it’s just a matter of calculating how much to lower the waist to make it fit the dropped waist of the new bodice. See my calculations below:

By calculating the radius of the skirt waist and subtracting it from the radius of bodice waist, I now have a measurement of 2.6cm to drop the waist on the skirt.

Measure 2.6cm from original waist for new waist

Once the new waistline was established I could attach it to the bodice and then start to play around with decoration.

Skirt attached to bodice

I recently bought some Ginger lace from for another project. I had a fair amount left over so I started to play around with placement with roughly cut out appliques. I need to trim them neatly next time I work on this dress and sew them into place. I also need to decide what petticoat to have underneath.

Appliques pinned in place

I’ve decided to call her Darcey after Darcey Bussell. What do you think of it so far?

Thanks for reading

Rosie xx

One thought on “Pink work in progress

  1. This is a beautiful idea. It’s very fairy like in a really feminine sprite kind of way, like a lighter version of Carnival Row. Sexy and delicate at the same time. Darcy is a great name!


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