Two Stitches – Grow babygrow

Fabric from Frumble Fabrics

I first tried this babygrow pattern a few years ago when I was pregnant with Leon. I think it’s a great pattern, a little short in the legs but I suspect my kids have gangly legs! I have now made it countless times and developed my own little edits to the neck and inside leg binding to suit me.

It’s a great beginners pattern however (as I’ve mentioned in a previous post) I think there’s a lack of notches on the crotch gusset and could be a little fiddly if you’ve never done it before. That said, its the crotch so who is going to be looking there. If it looks a little messy down there, I doubt its the end of the world.

So here’s my little edits if you wanted to contemplate those while making your own.

Neck binding

When I first did it, I struggled to tuck the raw edges in neatly (I’m a perfectionist), they were determined to pop out and got me very cross. So I started just folding the binding in half lengthways and overlocking straight on. This is neat but despite being pressed with seam allowance facing down it will always pop back up and you can see it poking out. Not such a good look but if you top stitch the seam allowance down it rectifies this issue.

I’ve now developed a different way where I machine the binding on as instructed but instead of folding raw edges in, I just fold it over and stitch, any excess seam allowance is then trimmed off close to stitching. It’s jersey so it’s not going to fray in the same way woven fabric will and it looks really neat so I’m happy with that. I prefer this way to my previous overlocking method as it feels less bulky and tidier.

Inside Leg binding and poppers

As per instructions, I used interfacing on the inside leg binding on my first go. When I came to attach it to the body, it turned into a puckered mess. After several attempts I ripped the interfacing out and gave it another go, where it magically fit. I don’t feel interfacing is needed, I doubt it’s used in shop bought babygrows. I suspect the designer was thinking it would give it strength as this binding will be under strain when poppers are pulled apart. I think there’s enough strength with two layers of jersey.

When I bought the pattern, I also bought all the recommended notions, which was plastic poppers (similar to duvet cover poppers). After having Leon and trying to dress this very flopping baby who squeaked, he then soiled his nappy and I found the plastic poppers so hard to open and I never used it again with him. When Edith was due I changed the plastic poppers to nickel free metal poppers which you normally see on baby clothes. I found them easier to insert and so much easier to dress a tiny baby.

Two for the price of one

Making an outfit like this is really cost effective, you can usually get two babygrows out of the width of the fabric. So with the above cartoon dragons and the yellow/green monsters, I made the babygrow in 12-18 months as well. Unfortunately I never took a photo of Leon wearing either in the bigger sizes, so I must with Edith.

Fabric from local fabric shop

When I bought the cat fabric, I felt it was gender neutral so I made two the same size and gave one to my best friend for her baby, Bella, who is the same age as Leon. Such a cute photo opportunity!

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Rosie xx

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