Recycled fabric face mask

I’m sure by now everyone has a few face masks in their collection and some are favoured more than others. I’ve found I don’t like wearing the pleated ones I made in April last year and I can’t bear to wear the single use ones unless I have to (I hate waste) but I don’t mind the shaped masks. I’m completely useless at remembering to take them out coat pockets and bags so thought I should make some more. I have lots of bright and fun jerseys in my scrap bin so I chose metallic crocs and florals as I thought they would be more interesting that the boring plain masks I currently own.

Cutting out

First I used a mask as my template to cut out the pieces. With the pretty fabric folded in half I laid the mask on top and drew around it leaving 1/4 inch seam allowance.

I have a couple of vests that are well and truly worn out and quite frankly I’d be too ashamed to give to charity (if I could) let alone put in the clothing/textile bins. They have spaghetti straps which are the same as the straps on my favourite masks so I thought the vests would be perfect to use for the fabric and the straps.

I cut the straps off and folded the vest in half so that I had 4 layers of fabric. I want to have two layers of lining as the jersey is thin.

Stitching together

Using a slight zig zag stitch (always use a slight zig zag when sewing jersey so that the thread can bounce back after being stretched, straight stitches will snap the thread), sew around nose shaping for both lining and pretty fabric. Press seams open.

Then stitch along the top and bottom of the mask. So that you get a nice shape when you turn through, turn seam allowance over and press against stitch line. When its turned through, you have a nice turned out shape and it can be pressed firmly into shape.

Adding straps

Turn the body of the mask inside out again to add the straps. I measured the straps from the original mask, inserted one strap between the layers and stitched the length of that side. On the other side just stitch the straps in place but leave a gap to turn mask through. Once its turned through, I tried the mask on. It’s worth noting that different elastics stretch differently so I needed to check how it fit before finishing.

I had to adjust my straps as they were quite loose from the spaghetti straps being over stretched. Once I had adjusted the straps to suit my face I could finish.


Once I was happy with the straps, it could all be turned through and given a press. The raw edges from the turn through hole were tucked in and I zig zag top stitched all the the way around so that it sits properly. After a final press, the mask was complete.

I HATE taking selfies!!

The great thing about face masks is you don’t have to be really precise about tracing your original mask so if its slightly different to you original mask who cares. The main thing is your mouth and nose are covered.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Rosie xx

One thought on “Recycled fabric face mask

  1. Hi Rosie can you make me Two any colour please ( except green) and I’ll send you money let me know how much. There really good. Super job. Hope your all ok xx


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