Crocodile flower blanket

I usually write about sewing but I love crocheting in front of the tv in the evening, I find it very relaxing and after completing this blanket I’m feeling quite smug about it so thought I’d share it with you.

A while back a friend of mine was crocheting these beautiful squares, I was so in awe and thought I’d never be able to do it but she shared the youtube video anyway. I crocheted along at the beginning of lockdown #1 and found it actually wasn’t too difficult. The centre was a little tricky to wrap my head around as you have to flip the work over but its all very basic stitches and this is what I spent first lockdown doing. I even took a piece in my hospital bag to keep me occupied on the ward after having Edith.

Just for clarity, I took a square which had the complex bit done and only needed the coloured border into hospital. I packed the square, yarn and spare hook a few weeks before my due date. I didn’t go into labour and think I must pack my crochet. Haha! I managed quite a bit of the border whilst waiting to be discharged.

Here’s the original video but beware, it’s 2 hours long

The video uses US terminology, if you crochet along with the video it doesn’t matter that it’s in US terms as Jasmine Kennon (PinkOlay Crochet) goes really slow and shows you very clearly each step. And you can always pause to catch up.

So I spent a few hours crocheting along with the video whilst translating it into UK terminology. I wanted a reference for future so that I don’t have to watch the video every time. I’m not so good with written instructions and much prefer a diagram so I’ve drawn it out.

The slip stitch on the petals is to join the base and tips of the petals to the background

I have a decent stash of yarn accumulated over the years so I thought I’d play around with that and keep the cost down. So the blanket is probably a real mix of wool and acrylic no doubt. I’m terrible at knowing what yarn is what quality and what its made of so I won’t be able to be specific but I can identify wool as it smells of sheep! Anyway…! I used a lovely slightly thicker cream coloured wool yarn but as it was thicker I used a 5mm hook.

You make the bobbly centre which is a mix of double crochets and treble crochets and then flip your work over. This is followed by a series of longer chain stitch loops and double treble crochet, which you work the actual petals onto later. I regrettably didn’t take a photo of the square before working the petals (I hadn’t thought of writing a blog when I started it). Then you make the circle into a square using a variety of double, half treble, treble and double treble crochet. Now that it’s a square the background can be filled out which is alternating rows of double crochet and treble crochet.

View of the back to give you some idea

The photo above is the back view which gives you some idea what it looks like before you work the petals. Once you have a decent amount of rows you work into the chain loops to create the petals which get attached to the background rows at the point of the petals to hold them in place.

My first square.

I think on my first square I somehow added too many stitches when I moved up to next row but otherwise it came out really well. I then managed to crochet another 5 cream squares with the rest of the ball. I dug around in my box to find nearly finished balls to fill all the petals in various shades of pinks and purples. I had quite a bit of the mid pink and lavender yarns so, as Jasmine suggests in her video, I did another couple of rows of double and treble crochet. As the rest of my yarn was DK and finer I used a 4mm hook. To make up for the discrepancy between the two needles I did two stitches into a gap every 4 stitches. This was a guess but it seemed to work ok over all. Next time I make crocodile squares I need to be more organised in choosing the colour of my petals so that the double treble crochets blend with the petals so that you can’t see the background colour showing through. You are told to do this in tutorial but I was just playing and didn’t think too far ahead.

Once all 6 squares were complete I crocheted the squares together using a crochet slip stitch. I’m not a fan of sewing the squares together, I much prefer crocheting them together as I feel its stronger and I much prefer the look of the join. I left very long tails so that there were less ends to stitch in later. I’m quite lazy with ends.

Reverse side. I quite like the line created when crochet slip stitching together

Once my 6 squares were attached together to form a blanket I wanted to do another few rows to blend the little gaps you get at the end of joining squares together and for strength as they could become weak over time. The blanket is destined for Edith and I know how much kids tug blankets around.

I felt a plain edge was too boring after the detail on the inside so I looked up bobble edgings to match the flower centres. After some research I found a YouTube tutorial by Tiffany from Daisy Farm Crafts for a dot border which I felt complimented the crocodile flower.

It goes nice and slow, so it’s easy to follow

So that’s my finished blanket. Click these links for Jasmine and Tiffany’s YouTube channels for more inspiration.

Thanks for reading.

Rosie xx

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