My knickers are on show!

You’ve probably gathered by now, I’m a bit of a fabric hoarder. Its a serious problem. Little bits of jersey are the worst, I hang onto to them because small bits can just about accommodate newborn vests as gifts for friends and even smaller strips make perfect bindings, cuffs, etc.

So last year I decided I needed to go through the expanding collection and do something with it. I thought some knickers would be a bit of fun and annoy my husband, especially as most of them were bright kiddie themes. After some research on Etsy and a good Instagram hashtag search, I decided upon Waves and Wild (formerly Made By Jacks Mum) Wonder Undies.

A really good value pattern because you can either make low rise briefs, high rise briefs or shorts and you can finish with either leg bands, stretch lace or elastic. So loads of possibilities.

Cuffed edges

I decided upon cuffed undies to use as much fabric as possible and to keep cost down. The undies have 3 main pieces (back, front and gusset) and then the bands for legs and waist.

The construction is so simple, you attach the gusset to the front and back, sandwiching seam allowances between 2 layers of gusset. The the leg bands are sewn into a circle and folded in half lengthways and stretched to fit into the leg and stitched on. The waistband is done in same way as leg bands. Easy peezy and done in no time.

Elasticated edges

The elasticated version takes a little longer as you have a couple extra processes of stitching elastic on, turning back and topstitching, but still nice and easy. Except for the sides seams which can be stitched with an overlocker, the rest of the construction is done using a sewing machine.

My ridiculous collection

So you can see, I’ve made some very clashy gaudy knickers and I can confirm, my husband hates them and rolls his eyes at me. They do look huge when you hold them up but that’s because they’re made from a thicker fabric unlike shop bought knickers which are thinner fabric. But once on, they fit nicely and are so comfy. And well, with all this staying at home we’ve done, you might as well look good sat in your knickers!

Not a long post but a jolly one. Hope you enjoyed.

Rosie xx

4 thoughts on “My knickers are on show!

  1. They look lovely Rosie, make Andy boxers or trunk pants then he’ll change his mind. You so clever. xx


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