Old PJs, New Baby Romper – Inside leg poppers, part 3

Here is final part of this little romper I’ve been making from my old pyjamas. Click here for part one about cutting out. Click here for part two about inserting a lapped zip. This final part, instructs on adapting baby clothes to insert an inside leg popper opening. This technique can be applied to any baby clothes, you just need some bias binding.

The front

Starting with the front, my binding is a narrow width so it’s 1cm finished but if you can’t get hold of any that narrow, then just trim your binding down. Open out bias binding and stitch along crease of one side of binding to right side of fabric. This can be done the entire length of inside leg but I’m just doing a section because I like to be able to quickly shove a foot in before Edith runs off. At the ends, the binding meets the stitch line of the inside leg seams. If yours is open ended then just stitch to end.

The binding can be flipped over towards edge. I like to understitch (through seam allowance and binding) because it gives a nice finish and helps when you fold the binding back to be neat.

Now fold the binding back on itself so that the trouser seam allowance is folded back to inside and contained. Tuck the ends of the bias binding in, whether you’re doing open ended or just a section. Trim seam allowance if you need to and tuck raw edge in. Stitch this in place. That’s the front complete.

The back

For the back I’ve used a wider 2.5cm bias binding. Open out the binding and machine along the creased edge to meet inside leg stitching or to the end as you did before for the front. If you’re doing a section then you may need to clip your seam allowance so that inside leg seam allowance can sit open.

Unlike the front you are not folding this back. Tuck ends of binding in and fold binding over trouser seam allowance so that it meets first stitch line. Basically, the trouser seam allowance is pointing towards the edge and the binding is wrapped around it.

Now, if you’ve just done a section of the inside leg, we need to finish the ends of the opening as its a weak point. Lay the back binding inside and stitch across from where the inside leg seam finishes to contain both bindings. Make sure the back tacking is very secure.


To finish, we just need to add poppers. My opening is 14 inches. So I’ve placed my poppers 1 inch either side of centre seam and then 2 inches apart down rest of legs. See my post about kwiksew baby vest for more information on inserting poppers.

All finished

I’m really pleased with this make. I used all old bits and pieces of haberdashery with the exception of the pattern. So I fulfilled my challenge. My only criticism is I should’ve shifted top of left hand side of zip tape further in so that the pull was completely hidden.

My husband Andy says it’s odd because all he can think about is my pyjamas. It looks great with a long sleeve vest. It’s a little big, so plenty of wear for entire summer hopefully. Shame I couldn’t get a decent photo because she was too busy running around.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my mini series on this romper. Thanks for reading.

Rosie xx

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