Amigurumi – Sweet Crochet Friends

Since pushing myself last summer and successfully attempting the crocodile flower blanket, I’ve had the confidence to try more tricky projects which has been great fun. Especially since I’ve been stuck at home thanks to lockdown.

Just after Christmas, with lockdown 3 announced, I decided to treat myself to a book on amigurumi (which is the making of little crochet friends/animals). I decided on the book, Sweet Crochet Friends, because I loved the charm of the characters.

I’m now on my 4th figure and I’m having such a lovely time making them, I wanted to share some of my makes.

Starting out

I started with the goat because I had some sand coloured yarn left over from another project. I gave this to my friends baby for her birthday. It’s a little wonky but considering this is my first one, I’m really chuffed. It’s cute.

The yarn I used was an acrylic and a bit scratchy to tightly crochet, so I ordered some of the Scheepjes yarn recommended by the book. Once I’d made the goat, Leon asked for the cat. This is crocheted in Scheepjes Softfun which is a lovely cotton/acrylic yarn to work with. I preferred the goat pattern where the body is crocheted from the legs. I’m always worried about how strong my joining is with thuggish kids and I like the shape of the figure done this way.

Long Haired Doll

I moved onto the doll as a good friend had a baby girl. This is my favourite so far. I’m so pleased with how it looks, the hair was quite a fiddly!

The body and clothes are made from Scheepjes Catona, a cotton yarn, and an absolute pleasure to crochet with. I did nearly fall out of love with this project when I had to decrease stitches while only using back stitches on the shoes and socks which resulted in ALOT of swearing and undoing/redoing. I got there though!

I’m quite methodical and I don’t know if this is my problem, because I counted stitches hoping to make sure arms, collars, etc were all even but when done, they look wonky. Maybe I need to just do it by eye….

The hair was made of three layers of multiple long chain stitches that have been double crocheted into (US single crochet). Once I attached the hair, which looked hilarious at first (see last photo in block above), I found there wasn’t enough strands to cover the head completely. So I had to crochet another layer of strands halfway down the head.

The doll was meant to have beads sewn down the front but I left these off as they could be a choking hazard and this was a gift for a baby.

The designs of the characters are so cute, I’m completely in love with them. I’m now making the bunny hat girl for Edith. I left doing hers until I’d made a few in the hope that it would have a bit more refinement after practising a few figures first. I’ll show you her’s once finished.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Rosie xx

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