Trekoda Backback – Country Cow Designs

On one of my various browsing through facebook moments, I was inspired to have a look at bag making patterns and I came across Country Cow Designs. I love a little backpack for out and about as apposed to a shoulder bag, I’m not constantly putting it back on my shoulder and as I like to cycle to work or into town it’s more practical.

Country Cow Designs Website

Before I go any further, I need to talk about the website. Jo the designer has a great set up, especially if you’re new to bag making. You can choose from a great range of bag patterns. She then has kits with the hardware needed for each bag so you’re not trying to find things you don’t fully understand and each kit comes in a great range of finishes (rainbow, gold, copper, silver, black). She also has zips in various colours and what sold me most, and I’m not going to lie, is the rainbow zip teeth with matching zip pulls.

Jo also has free YouTube video tutorials for all her patterns. I watched the full video tutorial for her making the Trekoda backpack before buying the pattern. I liked how she went through it thoroughly with little side notes on useful tips and things she thinks will make it easier. However for helping you decide if you want to buy the pattern, it’s quite long and personally I prefer a snappier video. Then when I need it for referencing during the making I can pause as I please. But that’s just my opinion.

Cutting out

Once I’d got my various bits on order from Country Cow, I just needed to buy some extra interlinings: Decovil light and some foam. These were easy to source from Amazon. The rest of the fabric, is stuff I’ve had in my stash a while, both the canvas and cotton lining are from New Craft House. The fake leather is off cuts from some chairs I covered.

There’s lots of small bits of pattern so it’s a great scrap buster. The only big bits are the back piece and the back/front linings. The cutting out and fusing all the interlinings was quite time consuming but once everything was prepped, it was a fairly quick make.

The making

The actual making was so much fun. I love crisp turning through which you get from fusible interlinings. Everything goes together well and all the little processes have been well thought through. I highly recommend giving this pattern or another of Jo’s a go. My domestic machine was fine with it, but I may be tempted to do another on my industrial as some bits are quite thick. I struggled getting nice square points on the base but it wasn’t helped by foam and bulky fabric making it lumpy. I think that might be the tailor in me who is used to square edges. I might try next time making the side gussets and base as a single piece…. we’ll see.

Wearing out and about

I made this backpack for my best friend’s birthday. She absolutely loved it and did a little squeal when she opened the gift. It’s a mini back pack so you’re not going to fit an A4 folder in but its still got plenty of room and she had no issues getting a water bottle and various girl crap into the main pocket. And with lots of pockets, its easy to keep your stuff organised. I love it and I’m going to make myself one.

My final parting note is, please Country Cow designs, make a slightly larger one that I can get a folder in with a side water bottle holder. It would be amazing.

Thanks for reading.

Rosie xx

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