Free pouch patterns

You have probably realised, I LOVE making bags. They’re relatively quick to make, there’s no fitting/adjustments and its perfectly acceptable to just stare and stroke your bag when you’re pleased with the outcome. So I think it’s about time I mentioned some free pouch patterns to interest a new wave of bag makers.

Ida Clutch – Kylie and the Machine

A couple years ago when I was wondering around the Eternal Maker in Chichester I came across a bag sample (they’re really good at having samples, garments, etc as part of their displays to inspire you). I asked the staff where the pattern was and it turned out that Kylie and the Machine have a free pattern, the Ida Clutch. The maker of the sample had added a loop on either side and used hooks to attach a strap.

I immediately had my phone up (thank god for smart phones) and found the instructions and shopping list. It’s a really simple make and a nice introduction to bag making. Best part is, it uses scraps so it’s really good at eating up anything you have lying around. I didn’t use interfacing in mine as I used leather and the denim was so heavy but I did use iron on canvas for my piece C as I had enough in my drawer of fusibles.

To add the strap I just cut my leather 4 times the width of what I want the finished strap to be and folded it in half and then the raw edges in. I then top stitched it. I cut some small lengths off for the loops which I inserted when I stitched my two main pieces together. The remaining longer length, I looped through the rings on the hooks and stitched in place.

I made this one for my sister. I was almost loathed to give it to her because it was so pretty.

Idexa Pouch – Country Cow Designs

Country Cow Designs has probably become my go to for bag making. She has brilliant YouTube videos, the bag patterns are beautiful and she supplies interesting zips, zip pulls, hardware, etc.

I initially made this Idexa pouch because I wanted a tool kit pouch for when I go into other workrooms and I wanted it to match my Trekoda backpack I’d made using the same materials. I actually extended the length so that it was long enough for my tailor’s shears.

I used foam behind the leather but nothing behind the wool. I wanted to be able to squidge the pouch into my backpack and still have enough room for my lunch and water bottle. I did have to botch the zip slightly as I didn’t have enough zip tape left for a longer pouch. Never mind. It fits all my tools in nicely.

I made a second Idexa to match a Muerqo tote bag as I had plenty of scraps of moleskin and pink lining. I matched the Muerqo styling with ombre thread quilted sides and hot pink/black zip. I used some Decovil in the base as I didn’t have any foam. Hold tight for a future post to see the matching Muerqo soon…

Jo at Country Cow Designs has a soap bag and the Nasyow pouch, both of which are free. She’s done a video on free pouch patterns from other designers. Next time I go to make a pouch, I’m tempted by either the Sunshine Pouch or the Crocus Oil Pouch I think I’ll give one of these a whirl. So I think enough said.

Are you inspired?

If you make a bag, do show me. I love looking at home made bags. I have to say they’re far more interesting than the ones I’ve seen on the high street.

Thanks for reading.

Rosie xx

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