Up-cycled dolls cot

I don’t normally write about this kind of thing but I’m feeling rather smug after finishing this little up-cycle project which was Edith’s Christmas present. Last month I was trawling through facebook market place and came across a listing for a free vintage doll’s cot that had seen better days. Andy tells me off for being too sentimental, I could’ve got any doll’s cot. There were loads but this one had been listed for a while and it had obviously been once loved so deserved another life.


It had these charming little transfers which I knew would be lost once it was repainted. The metal on the dropped side was very stiff and the kids wouldn’t be able to make it go up and down. There was a lot of work to do but I had the mentality that if it all went wrong, I would just list it back on facebook for free and nothing would be lost.


I completely took it apart as I figured it would be easier to paint the pieces without the metal bits in the way. Besides the metal needed some serious attention. Also there was quite a bit of grime in the joints. I gave it a once over wash to get rid of the dust and then sanded it thoroughly.

The metal bits, I initially tried to scrub with a green scourer but it became apparent it was going to need something stronger. In the end I soaked them overnight in vinegar and scrubbed and scrubbed for what felt like forever. Some pieces came up really well while some of the others are vastly better but not quite like new. The vinegar seemed to dry out the metal so I sprayed WD40 all over them and let it soak overnight.


Once ready for painting, I used some paint I had in the shed. It was the winner because it’s not a boring colour! It’s a Dulux quick dry gloss. It’s water based so easier to clean up, not too stinky and being quick dry is perfect when being painted in a cold conservatory in winter. This paint was used originally for the kids little table which I painted a few years ago. It has been smothered in all sorts of crap including glitter glue and cleans easily, so I think it’s a great paint. I used a gloss roller for the large areas which creates a nice smooth finish and makes it quick to apply.


However just painting it wasn’t enough for Leon. He said we needed some gold paint. So my only expense was buying some gold leaf spray paint and stencils from Amazon.

Apparently I’m not the best at spray paint and stencils. I did cover the surrounding areas but some of my stencils weren’t sitting flat enough so in a few areas the edges aren’t very sharp. I toyed with the idea of repainting the sides teal and spraying again but I have quite a steady hand with a fine paint brush. So I went around some of the areas with a super fine brush with the teal paint.

When the cot was then screwed back together, I felt one of the ends didn’t have enough on it and so I sprayed a couple more motifs.


And here is is finished.

It looks like a lot of work but it wasn’t too bad. The sanding and cleaning the metal took the longest. But the actual painting only took half an hour each evening. It was the waiting for the paint to dry and having to wait until children were in bed to do the next coat. I’m really chuffed with the end result.

And what does Edith make of her new cot?

She loves it. But lets face it, she still would’ve loved it in its original state! Lol. It just doesn’t make their bedroom look so scruffy.

I messaged the person who gave it away with a photo to show them what I had done. He said his mum would’ve loved what I had done and he was really pleased it had gone to such a good home. This cot has got so much more life and love left in it.

Thanks for reading.

Rosie xx

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