4 reasons to buy from A Kind Cloth

I recently placed an order with A Kind Cloth. I know Marine, who runs it, through university. So yeah, I’m going to be slightly biased but I want to share what a great company it is and hopefully you’ll take a look and be inspired to place orders. So here’s 4 reasons why you should buy from A Kind Cloth.

1. Environmental impact

A Kind Cloth is all about sustainable and envionmentally friendly fabrics. For me this is a huge draw. I hate all the negative impacts of fast fashion. Marine takes time to source fabric which has a low environmental impact. Each fabric listing has lots details about the origin of the fabric, why it is better for the environment and what garment it would work for. You get a really good impression of how the fabric will feel when you get it.

Screen shot of the listing for fabric I’ve just bought

If you click on the info page, there is lots of information about how each fabric is manufactured. It’s definitely worth a read, even if you don’t buy anything. It will make you think about what you’re buying from anywhere, whether its pre-made clothing from a high street shop or just fabric for sewing. We really need to think about our impact on the planet.

Fabric is sold in 0.5 metre increments so that you save money but more importantly so that you’re not buying loads of excess fabric for your projects. This way as a sewist you shouldn’t be wasting too much fabric. And if you have got fabric waste, have a google about what textile recycling is near you. I actually give my scraps to either my local school or to a charity shop who will make money from selling it to a textile waste company.

2. One stop shop

A Kind Cloth has everything you need to get you going on a garment, not just fabric. They stock patterns, lots of patterns, from small independent brands as well as buttons and thread.

And while I’m here, let’s talk about the thread some more. It’s 100% cotton and from sustainable sources. And the reel is wood, not plastic, hooray! Manufacturing plastic is so damaging to the environment unlike wood.

As each monitor is different, you can’t select thread colours to match like you would in a shop. I had to take a wild guess. Thankfully there was a text box in the checkout stage where I could message the seller. I asked if they could exchange the thread colour if they thought a different colour was a better match. Marine did this and sent a lovely little message too.

3. Packaging

Marine reuses all packaging from her business to send out orders but if she can’t, she uses recyclable packaging. Even the tape. But before this all gets recycled, I’ll let the kids go wild with their colouring pencils on the paper and I’ll keep the posting bag for posting something else sometime.

4. Small business

And finally A Kind Cloth is a small business, if you send an email, there is a real person who will send a response. Marine actually encourages you to send her an email if you need advice on mending any of your existing clothes. And no doubt as a fellow small business owner, she probably does a little whoop whoop when someone places an order. So go ahead and take a good look around the website.

And finally, you’re probably wondering that I’m going to make with this fabric. Well, I’m intending to make the fringe dress by Chalk and Notch. A student recently made it and it looked fab, so I want to make one for myself.

I like the little sleeve tabs, the waist ties, the gathered waist and the shaped hem. However I won’t be making it until after Easter as it will be a teaching tool. I’ll post about it once it’s underway.

Thanks for reading.

Rosie xx

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