Noelle blanket

I haven’t written about my crochet much recently and not because I’ve not been doing it but it takes me ages to do.

I came across this pattern last spring. I love rainbow colours so I was obviously drawn to it. However the cost of the yarn did set me back a bit. The colour packs are a bit dear being around £60 alone and then you need a fair few balls of white. I got all my supplies from Wool Warehouse. So all in it’s cost around £100. I guess you could do it with other yarn but the instructions for each colour combination refer to the colour pack.

Starting out

Last July or August I started on the blanket. They are fiddly little hexagons and I did a sample hexagon first to establish my tension and figure out how to make them. It took me a while to get into joining the motifs as you are crocheting the outer white areas at the same time as joining. I’ve done quite a few now so there’s no going back but I do like motifs joined with a slip stitch at the back. I like the smoother front.

I may change my mind the more I do and once I’ve done a final iron.

Lots of labels!

Unlike other crochet projects I’ve done where there is only a handful of colours, this blanket has nearly 100 colours. The pattern has a numbered key which refers to each dye colour so it would be impossible to remember which motif goes where so each motif has to be labelled.

So my post-it stack ands stitch marker stash have rapidly gone down!

How much have I done so far?

This is the full width of the blanket and I’ve done about a quarter. Let’s hope it doesn’t take as long as my last blanket (more than 2 years!)

I’ve done all the yellow, orange and most of the red. Next I’m working through the pinks and purples. It’s slow work but I do love the effect that’s happening. Once finished, I’m going to put it in my conservatory as its full of bright rainbow colours.

I’ll write some more once I’ve got more to show for it. Or maybe even once it’s in its final resting place!

Thanks for reading.

Rosie xx

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