Girly Stars Zip Hoodie

I had my eye on Brindille and Twig‘s zip jacket pattern for a while and as the sizing is to 6 years, its a worthwhile investment for both kids. I wanted to use this jersey but it’s too thin to be warm so I invested in some french terry as lining. The pattern isn’t linedContinue reading “Girly Stars Zip Hoodie”

Prince of Persia – My introduction to film work

The words in this post are my opinions and observations alone, they are not necessarily shared by the people mentioned or film company involved. How did I get the job? Before my final deadlines at university, my wonderful tutor Wayne got me a job working for Jane Law. Jane is so well regarded in theContinue reading “Prince of Persia – My introduction to film work”

My favourite kids patterns for beginners

Making clothes for my kids is one of my favourite things, such a shame I can’t make money from it! The feeling of accomplishment I get from seeing them wear my work and having all my friends and family admire the clothes, I will admit gives me such a great feeling. The question I’m askedContinue reading “My favourite kids patterns for beginners”