How to customise your wedding dress yourself

So perhaps you’ve thought about what I said in a previous post about having an expensive dress for a fraction of the cost and now it needs details? Or maybe you’ve bought a lovely but simple dress and need some ideas on how to make it a bit more you, a bit more special. ThisContinue reading “How to customise your wedding dress yourself”

How do you get an expensive wedding dress for a fraction of the cost?

I get contacted frequently by brides wanting a bespoke or designer dress but can’t afford the price tag. I’m no snob and I’d much rather make a woman feel a million dollars than send her away. So I’ve found other ways to give them their dream dress which I want to share. You can buyContinue reading “How do you get an expensive wedding dress for a fraction of the cost?”

Bright colourful photoshoot – Tilly and Summer

One of the most fun things as a wedding industry professional is being involved in styled shoots. Most suppliers really enjoy them and relish the opportunity to get creative. I’ve been involved in various themed shoots (medieval, Club Tropicana, 1970’s Woodstock, sweetie seaside, etc) but one of my all time favourites was a colour popContinue reading “Bright colourful photoshoot – Tilly and Summer”

Vintage Hollywood Glamour Inspired Cape

My customer had bought a lovely simple fishtail silhouette dress but she had always envisioned having a cape to compliment the look and give it a real vintage Hollywood feel. She came to me with some ideas. The front of her dress was plain so she wanted a dense lace to give it some interestContinue reading “Vintage Hollywood Glamour Inspired Cape”