Underwired Harriet bra by Cloth Habit

A while back (way before covid) New Craft House, who I follow on Instagram, posted pictures of amateurs making bras at a workshop they’d hosted using Cloth Habit’s Harriet bra. It got me thinking that this was a gap in my knowledge and if amateurs can make a bra, then I certainly could. But whenContinue reading “Underwired Harriet bra by Cloth Habit”

Baby bandana bibs

Rather than buying new bibs, making your own can be really quick and easy. It took me just over 2 hours to trace a pattern and make 14 bibs, I think it worked out as 10 minutes a bib. They are great stash busters and if you make a set and package them beautifully, aContinue reading “Baby bandana bibs”

Bright colourful photoshoot – Tilly and Summer

One of the most fun things as a wedding industry professional is being involved in styled shoots. Most suppliers really enjoy them and relish the opportunity to get creative. I’ve been involved in various themed shoots (medieval, Club Tropicana, 1970’s Woodstock, sweetie seaside, etc) but one of my all time favourites was a colour popContinue reading “Bright colourful photoshoot – Tilly and Summer”

Vintage Hollywood Glamour Inspired Cape

My customer had bought a lovely simple fishtail silhouette dress but she had always envisioned having a cape to compliment the look and give it a real vintage Hollywood feel. She came to me with some ideas. The front of her dress was plain so she wanted a dense lace to give it some interestContinue reading “Vintage Hollywood Glamour Inspired Cape”

Crocodile flower blanket

I usually write about sewing but I love crocheting in front of the tv in the evening, I find it very relaxing and after completing this blanket I’m feeling quite smug about it so thought I’d share it with you. A while back a friend of mine was crocheting these beautiful squares, I was soContinue reading “Crocodile flower blanket”

Baby vest – Kwiksew 2433

As I mentioned in a previous post, this is one of my favourite baby patterns. Its really simple to put together and all experience levels can make it look good and people will be amazed that its homemade. I managed to teach this vest via zoom to a complete beginner. When I gift this babyContinue reading “Baby vest – Kwiksew 2433”

Recycled fabric face mask

I’m sure by now everyone has a few face masks in their collection and some are favoured more than others. I’ve found I don’t like wearing the pleated ones I made in April last year and I can’t bear to wear the single use ones unless I have to (I hate waste) but I don’tContinue reading “Recycled fabric face mask”

Indie vs big name commercial patterns

As a beginner sewist, choosing a pattern to sew can be mind boggling. There are so many choices out there. I don’t think you can make a wrong choice as whatever you choose you will learn from but here’s a little guide to help you think about a good choice for you.